Empty cartridges are needed

Glass, used paper and clothing, today we consider it completely normal to ensure these are re-used. However, cartridges still end up on a regular basis in waste containers, which is a great shame, for us and also for the environment.

Affordable alternative
This is why we collect empty cartridges. The collected cartridges are made suitable for re-use via a painstaking process, thus providing affordable alternatives for the expensive, original cartridges. So everyone stands to gain: you contribute to a better environment, but also achieve considerable savings on your printing costs.

No source is inexhaustible
Every year, 500 million empty cartridges still end up in incinerators and at landfill sites. Every year, more than 750,000 m3 is required to dispose of this quantity. This is equivalent to 4 large football stadiums. This is still happening, despite the fact that cartridges can be re-used 2 to 3 times. Each time an alternative cartridge is sold, this means that one new cartridge less has to be manufactured, so that it does not end up in  the waste stream.

Collection is good for the environment and also for you
By collecting empty cartridges, we not only reduce the quantities of raw materials extracted from the ground, we also limit the hazardous waste that threatens our planet. This ensures that future generations will be able to continue enjoying our planet.

Hand in your empty cartridge
Hand in your empty cartridges at the shop. That is good for the environment and  without the supply of a  sufficient number of empty cartridges, alternative cartridges would not be available. So we guarantee that your cartridge will end up in good hands.